Work Back Schedule - Video Webcast

Minimum 5 Weeks Before the Scheduled Event:

Contract Executed & Event Request Form is completed.

The earlier you execute the contract, the earlier we can start planning for your success!

Pro-Tip: Start your event promotions early and finish strong!

Download the Promotional Schedule!

5 Weeks Before the Event (or right after the contract is executed):

Get your venue in order:

If you haven’t started thinking about your venue or if your venue is “virtual event ready” you need to!

Download the Venue Checklist

Kick-Off Meeting

The kick-off meeting is a 30 minute meeting where your Account Manager and Producer will:

  • Review the parameters of your contract/event
  • Discuss all immediate next steps
  • Review the venue logistics including:
    • Venue Information
    • When we have access for load in & or set up
    • What other partners we will need to work with, including outsourced AV or internal IT
    • Ensure that a plan is in place to test and confirm internet at the venue

How do I book my kick-off meeting?

Provide a couple times that work for you and your team to your Account Manager or assigned Customer Success Manager and they will schedule the meeting!

Wondering if a studio is right for your event?

Wondering how to frame your content for a virtual audience?

2 Weeks Before Event:

Venue and Logistics are locked down

A minimum 2 weeks before the event we should have all venue logistics locked down so that a run-sheet for the day of the event can be created. By this time we should have:

  • Load-in times for TSN production crew established
  • Internet at venue fully tested and confirmed (ordered and installed, if necessary)
  • Time-frame for speaker run through and dry run
  • Plan for all aspects of onsite event management including slides, question management and anything unique to your event

Download a Sample Virtual Event Run Sheet

2 Weeks Before Event:

Virtual Event Check In

Your producer will review the Go-Live protocols for your event, as well as the Presenter Console (PMXD) and review:

  • How to push slides/polls and media clips
  • How to manage questions submitted by your audience
  • Options for managing events between your speakers and moderators

What do my Speakers Need to Know?

Download the Speaker Checklist!

TSN Event SLAs and Overview

TSN Customer account setup and account credentials provisioned 48 hours after contract signed
TSN Kick-off meeting booked 48 hours after contract signed
CLIENT Event Request Form and assets provided to TSN As soon as possible
TSN Webcast pages/event URLs, confirmation emails, reminder emails and audience console provided to customer for approval 48 hours after Request Form Completed
CLIENT Webcast pages/event URLs, confirmation emails, reminder emails and audience console approved 24 hours after webcast pages/event URLs provided for approval
TSN Speaker and Moderator Training completed Within 5 days of the event
CLIENT Final webcast content, PowerPoint/polls/surveys/resources provided to TSN 24 hours before the scheduled start time
SHOWTIME – Live Webcast Event
TSN Event archive posted Within 24 hours of the event completion

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