4 conversion webinar metrics you should be monitoring

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions after your webinar event?

What does my webinar ROI look like?
Are my webinars converting?
What webinar metrics am I tracking?

These may seem like simple questions, but what do they actually mean?

There are various conversions that take place during the entire webinar marketing funnel. Today, we will be discussing the top 4 webinar conversion metrics that you should always be measuring.

Webinar Metrics #1: Landing Page To Registration

Whether you are utilizing email, ads, or social media campaigns to promote your webinar, your prospective leads will eventually reach your landing page in order to sign up.

Be sure to set up proper tracking on your webinar landing pages in order to monitor the number of unique page views it receives.

Additionally, you should be doing the same for your thank-you pages (a confirmation page that leads should see after submitting a form on the landing page).

That way, you will be able to compare how many people are visiting your landing page and are able to monitor the pages that are actually converting; your click-through rate (CTR).

If you are not seeing as many page visits to your webinar landing page as you had hoped, take a look at your promotional tactics and ensure that you are using a consistent message. Also, make sure that the content you are delivering is relevant to your target audience.

Download our promotional guide for a refresher on 7 ways to improve your webinar promotional tactics.

On the other hand, if you are seeing many page views but not enough conversions (low CTR), then you need to revisit your landing page.

A viewer may opt out due to the registration form’s length. This is because the form may seem too long to fill out as it asks for a lot of information.

There is a way to know if this is the case. Split-test with different landing page variants. You can use alternative forms in order to see how much information your target audience seems willing to give.

You can also take another look at your landing page copy to ensure that your message and branding is consistent with what you are promoting.

Webinar Metrics #2: Registration to Attendee

You’ve started tracking your registrations and found that you have a high registration rate – that’s great! But it’s unrealistic to think that every single registrant will show up to your webinar.

Unexpected changes come up in our daily lives all the time. The same will happen with your registrants.

According to the 2018 Benchmarks Report, the average registration to attendee rate was 46%. For marketing webinars in particular, only 36% of registrants came out to the actual webinar event.

If your registration to attendee rate is below this average, you need to change your pre-webinar strategy.

  • Start promoting your webinars a bit earlier (at least 2 weeks prior to your event).
  • Supplement your messaging across various platforms (Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).
  • Set up a one-day or one-hour reminder to your leads to keep your webinar top of mind.
  • Check your post-webinar strategy as well.
  • If the leads could not attend your webinar due to a scheduling conflict, follow up with an on-demand version of your webinar.

Webinar Metrics #3: Attendee to SQL

You already know that webinars are a great marketing strategy – it’s why you are reading our blog.

But, remember the end goal for webinars. They are a tool to help nurture your MQLs into SQLs.

You can only reach your revenue goals by delivering high-quality MQLs to your sales team.

Reach out to your business development department to qualify your MQLs by checking how many actually converted into buyers.

If you find that you are generating poor-quality leads as they are not converting, revisit your promotional strategy.

  • Are you targeting the right audience?
  • Are you using the most relevant topic to your buyers?
  • Are your MQLs showing any true engagement during your webinar event (asking questions or answering polls)?

Read last week’s blog on ABM Webinars to help find your MQLs that are highly likely to convert and increase your revenue.

Webinar Metrics #4: SQL to Buyer

Whether you utilize the ABM Webinar strategy or not, you should be tracking how many webinar generated SQLs are buying your product or service.

This may take revisiting your sales strategy to ensure that you are following up with your leads in a timely manner.

This means that your sales CRM should be updated after every webinar event with as much accurate data as possible. Wait too long for a sales follow-up, and your lead will forget about you.

Let’s Recap

There are 4 types of webinar conversion rates that you should be actively tracking:

  1. Landing page to registration – monitor the page views on leads reaching your landing page as well as seeing a thank-you page (a real conversion).
  2. Registration to attendee – how many registrants are actually showing up to your event?
  3. Attendee to SQL – how qualified are your MQLs?
  4. SQL to buyer – at the end of the day, are your webinar leads converting into buyers?

Increasing your revenue is the end goal of your webinar strategy.

Aside from conversion rates, you should also be tracking key webinar performance metrics to truly calculate the ROI of your webinar event.

Download our Webinar Metrics Dashboard to easily track how well your webinars are performing.

Matthew Ley

Matthew Ley

Matt Ley is the current President and co-founder of The Streaming Network. Starting his career in virtual events in 2007, Matt is an industry veteran that is passionate about helping customers stand out in their industry with compelling virtual events that people want to attend. The driving ambition for Matt is that virtual events are not a utility for information distribution but an opportunity for firms to create a competitive advantage. Matt is an accomplished speaker, moderator and a sought-after thought leader.

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