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The Netflix Effect

The Multimedia hub allows you to publish your Webinars, Videos, White Papers and more into one content library. This makes it easier for viewers to search, share, consume and even binge watch your content. You decide what content is gated or not. Once someone provides their contact details, you can track their viewership and engagement across all assets in your hub.

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Turn one webinar into 100 pieces of content

Let’s face it, video can be expensive to create.
So stop reinventing the wheel. Use the Multimedia Hub to edit, merge, and create many video assets from your existing content. Fuel your short format video strategy with snackable YouTube clips. Create social media posts from within this platform.

“One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.”

Forrester Research, American Independent Technology & Market Research Company

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One click publishing and syndication

Syndication worked for your favorite 90’s sitcoms and it still works today for your content marketing. Publish your Webinars, Videos, White Papers and more to all your social media platforms. All with one click of a button in your Multimedia Hub. Increase your social media views and drive potential viewers back to your Hub to get the full story!

More than just video

There are other products out there that let you publish video to your website. But, the Multimedia Hub can embed your video assets into our unique video player format. This allows you to add interactive elements around the content. Start promoting and measuring the audience engagement with every piece of content viewed.

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