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Frank Cianciulli’s decision to invest in The Streaming Network grew out of the belief in a young sales representative named Matthew Ley working for Enunciate Collaboration. In 2008, Matt approached Frank to discuss an opportunity in the market to build a webinar business.

“He talked to me about a new idea he had – a one to many application – a webinar business, and talked to me about all the different applications where we could ultimately leverage our existing infrastructure to roll it out,” Frank recalls.

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At the time, a business built around the idea of webinars was not a slam dunk, by any means. It was an unproven business model with a limited client base built on emerging technology platforms. But there were signs of potential for a business.

More importantly, Frank saw something in this young man, that made the decision easy. At the time, Matt’s idea was not to launch his own business, but to expand Enunciate’s capabilities.

“I never thought about starting a business until Frank talked to me about it,” Matt says.

“He had the passion for the project; he had the confidence to come in a speak to me about it, and he seemed to have a clear vision for it,” says Frank. “Having known Matt for a year or two, I knew that he had the values, he had the discipline, he had the integrity, and ultimately the work ethic and determination to make that vision a reality.”

Frank set Matt up with a mentor to assist with the business plan, from there, the pieces came together very quickly including the launch of a website and incorporation of the business. Frank also began inviting Matt to leadership meetings with other presidents in the Wish Group, so that Matt could learn from others who had launched their own entrepreneurial businesses at Wish Group.

“Frank believed in me and the idea of doing with webcasting what he had done with conferencing,” says Matt.

Three years later, Matt was running a business that was recognized in the top five of “The Top-50 Start Ups in Canada.” Today, The Streaming Network is the largest webinar provider and webcaster in the country, employing dozens of staff and serving hundreds of clients across Canada.

Frank wasn’t investing in technology or a perceived gap in the market, although both were key to the success of The Streaming Network.. Frank was investing in a leader’s the passion, vision and growth potential as a business service that represented the right fit for Wish Group.

Watch Frank Cianciulli discuss building and nurturing Matt Ley’s business idea that there was an opportunity in Webinars that was worth exploring

More About Frank Cianciulli

Frank Cianciulli is a serial entrepreneur and founder of The Wish Group.

In 2001, with six years of conferencing expertise under his belt, Frank co-founded and established Enunciate Conferencing, a company that would not only provision traditional conferencing services, but also introduce next generation conferencing and collaboration services in anticipation of future market demands.

Enunciate perfected the single most fundamental conferencing product of that time (reservationless audio conferencing), and then proceeded to rollout a succession of nine successful products founded upon leading-edge technology and impeccable customer service. Enunciate was the first conferencing provider in the world to attain ISO Certification, setting the bar for other CSPs.

Frank has been awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, the New Generation Business Excellence Award from the Italian Chamber of Commerce and York University’s prestigious Bryden Next Generation Award in recognition of his success and personal commitment to his businesses and his community.

Frank has been a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) since April 2005 having launched their Accelerator program geared towards helping early stage entrepreneurs accelerate growth and most recently sat on the board of the Global student Entrepreneur Awards.

Frank has been on the Dean’s Advisory Board of York University since 2007 and is active in promoting business education through workshops and seminars.

Frank caught the entrepreneurial bug while working for an entrepreneurial conferencing company while still studying at York University.

His original plan of studying law was postponed indefinitely when he found a passion for audio conferencing sales.

Frank firmly believes the reason for his continued success is due to investing in talent.

With the intention of replicating Enunciate’s success, Frank continued to start or purchase several different companies in the telecommunications, human resources and technology/media space, including Evolve Collaboration, The Streaming Network, Momentum Conferencing, and Peoplesource Search Group.

Thus far this has resulted in an unprecedented 7 different Profit Hot 50 Start Up awards, 5 different Profit 100 Fastest Growing Companies along with numerous other awards and accolades for the companies along with the leadership teams.

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