The Reliability And Flexibility You Need For Internal Communications

From CEO announcements to Town Hall meetings – we provide fail-safe platforms and services that ensure clear delivery of your key messages

Drive Engagement

with more interactive features


Deliver PowerPoint, post video, screen share events, and integrate YouTube clips into your presentation to increase audience engagement.

Get Their Opinion

With multiple polling formats, surveys and feedback forms, our platform lets you capture real time audience information during your webinar.

Give your audience a voice

With Q&A, Chat and Idea-Storming widgets, you can give your audience the choice of how to interact with you during your webinar.

Drive The Right Action

Drive employees to take the action you want by creating custom calls to action on your event console.

Enterprise Collaboration

Integrate Salesforce Chatter, Yammer, Socialcast, Jive or ScribbleLive for a truly hybrid event experience.

Measure Audience Retention

Use the Quiz and Accreditation widgets to ensure your audience has retained the content you have presented.

Corporate Communications_Bring Your Employees Together

Bring Your Employees Together

We know how challenging it can be to gather your corporate teams together.

It is expensive and time-consuming.

Few companies have the resources in their budget, and even fewer executives have the time to fly in for every corporate communications meeting.

Now, more than ever companies are hosting online corporate meetings to bring their employees together.

Build Collaborative Communities

The benefits of a strong corporate culture continue to be prevalent and a core component of both emerging business and lasting organizations.

We recognize that it can be challenging to establish a differentiated culture in the corporate environment. Our webinar platform gives employees an environment where they can easily interact with each other.

In a space engineered to bring individuals together, you’ll have all of the tools you need to create a collaborative corporate community.

Corporate Communications_Increase Employee Engagement

Increase Employee Engagement

Turn up the engagement in your online corporate meetings with the ELITE webinar platform.

Employees are driven by achieving purpose and fulfillment. Active engagement starts with webinars packed with Q&A, polls, and collaboration.

Interactive features promote activity and will allow employees to easily ask questions no matter where they may be.

71% of employees are not fully engaged

The #1 fix? Senior leadership must articulate a clear vision to all employees

Bandwidth Problems?

If you’re thinking, “my company doesn’t have the bandwidth to support a company-wide event”, don’t worry. We have you covered with a number of bandwidth conservation options:

Leverage your existing proxy to cache media and reduce the number of concurrent connections

Deploy unicast or multicast replication servers inside your network

Integrate with existing secure P2P services like Bluecoat and Octashape

Let us help determine what’s best for you.
Reach Everyone at the same time

Reach Everyone At The Same Time

The Streaming Network provides you a truly salable and global solution to reach any size audience, on any device in 9 different languages.

  • Present live by phone with PowerPoint or Screen Share
  • Present live via webcam or broadcast quality video
  • Expand the reach of physical employee events
Learning Development_Webinar Survival Guide

The Webinar Survival Guide

21 Free Tools to Accelerate your Webinar Program

Learning Development_Webinar Report Card

The Webinar Report Card

Evaluate the Strengths and Weaknesses of your Webinar

When It Has To Work, Call The Professionals

Last year, The Streaming Network’s professional services team produced over 1000 full service events. We understand that your events cannot fail and have a team ready to provide a complete turnkey service for your next corporate event.

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