Customize Your Webinar Experience With Our Interactive Widgets

Fundamental Webinar Tools


The Slides widget displays the PowerPoint slides that are presented to your audience during your webcast. This widget also displays the polls, surveys and Flash video clips that are pushed to the slides section.


The Media Player widget plays the audio/video for your webcast (Flash stream). For archived events, this widget allows attendees to pause, fast-forward or rewind the webcast presentation


The Speaker Bio widget allows you to add presenter introductions to Platform 10 webcasts. The speaker’s name, photo, title, company and biography can be included.


The Q and A widget allows your attendees to submit questions – at any time – during live or on-demand webcasts. For on-demand webcasts, the Q and A widget can be configured to use email to send questions to the supporting staff members.

Complementary Tools


The Resource List widget enables documents, presentations, URLs, podcasts and other content to be added to your webcast.


The survey widget allows you to gather feedback from your webcast attendees. Surveys can include three types of questions: (a) multiple choices / single answer, (b) multiple choices / multiple answers, and (c) text box.


The Image widget allows an image to be added to your Platform 10 webcasting console. This widget does not appear in the dock of the console.


The Content widget allows you to add one or more information pages to your webcast using a basic text editor. The text editor supports: multiple fonts and sizes, font styling, bullets, and hyperlinks.


The Text widget allows text to be added to the Platform 10 webcasting console. This widget does not appear in the dock of the console.

Communication Tools


Using the Group Chat widget, audience members can directly chat with one another. The widget can be configured to allow anonymous participation or show users’ names in the text chat.


The Idea widget is designed for Platform 10 webcast applications where brainstorming, feedback or focus group functionality is desired. The Idea Widget allows you to pose a question or topic to the webcast audience. Attendees can post their ideas, comment on ideas from other attendees, and rank the ideas and comments.


The Refer a Colleague widget provides an easy means for viewers to share information about your webcast with their friends and colleagues.


The Contact Us widget provides an easy means for viewers to contact to your company. The widget allows an attendee to send an email to the email addresses that you specify.

On-Demand Tools


The Transcript widget displays scrolling text, which is synchronized with the audio/video presentation. In addition, the transcript sentences are highlighted when they are spoken in the webcast.


The Chapter widget allows you to display a “table of contents” during the archive period of your Platform 10 webcasts. To advance the webcast, participants simply click on the chapter of interest.

External Content


Attendees who click on the URL widget will be taken directly to the associated web page.

Social Media


The LinkedIn widget enables your webcast attendees to retrieve their LinkedIn feeds and display them within Platform 10 webcasts. With the LinkedIn widget, webcast attendees can share messages, add comments and invite people to join their network.


The Facebook widget enables attendees to retrieve their Facebook wall activity and display it in a Platform 10 webcast. It also lets them share messages with their Facebook friends from within a webcast.


The Twitter widget allows your attendees to view one or more Twitter feeds from within your Platform 10 webcasts. It also lets them share information about the webcast with their Twitter followers.


The Share This widget allows your attendees to share your webcast’s title, description, and URL with their friends and colleagues on 13 popular social media sites.

Enterprise Tools


With the Salesforce Chatter widget, you can view and post to Chatter – a free, private and secure social network – within Platform 10 webcasts. You can connect with your coworkers and receive updates on people and projects automatically.



The Test widget gives you the ability to quiz webcast attendees by creating questions that have specific correct answers. You can also define how many questions must be answered correctly in order to pass, as well as allow test takers to retake the test one or more times if they do not pass.


Certification Widget allows you to set up your webcast as a training environment. The Certification widget can use information from the Test Widget, Polls created in the Presentation Manager, and the time webcast attendees have spent in the webcast to determine if training is complete.

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