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Is your Learning Management System Putting People to Sleep?

The Streaming Network’s Virtual Learning Environment provides you with a turnkey platform to engage your learners anytime, anyplace and on any device.

  • Unique 3D environment promotes exploration and consumption of more learning content
  • Secure Peer to Peer interactions create community and collaboration
  • Role based access and learning pathways allow you to easily customize a learner’s curriculum
  • With localization available in nine languages, one environment can service your global audience
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Watch How Kimberly-Clark uses the ON24/ELITE Virtual Learning EDGE to On-Board New Employees

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The ON24/ELITE virtual environments platform can help companies deliver successful global employee training:
  • Custom virtual environments designed specifically for your company and location
  • Interactive and social media features to encourage engagement between attendees
  • Generate reports from high-level summaries to detailed activity reports on individual attendees
  • Built for extremely secure, reliable, and scalable applications
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Lightweight Tools, Heavyweight Results

Trainers want a platform that makes it easy to deliver lessons and certification. And learners just want to log in, follow the lesson, and take tests without having to deal with complicated tools. With ELITE, it’s as easy to set up and deliver a training webinar as it is to watch it and learn. In fact, we make it fun.

Effective Training At Scale

How do you train remote learners, cover a broad spectrum of topics, and expand into new markets?

Live, simulive, and on demand webinars with ELITE allow existing thought leaders from around your company to engage and train people anywhere in the world, without any additional investment.

Effective Training at Scale

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Over 82% of learning professionals say they need to offer more engaging training.

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Customizable Learning Environments

Whenever you deliver a training session, you’ll want to make sure you’re providing learners with a comfortable learning environment that feels like part of your company.

ON24/ELITE gives you more options for customizing your training webinars, putting you in control of the look, feel, and messaging.

Our team of experts will ensure your learning environments are customized, allowing you to focus on the content rather than technical issues.

Multimedia Training Events

Different learning styles demand different approaches to training.

With the ON24/ELITE webinar platform, your webinars can include on-camera presenters, integrated video clips, live screen sharing, interactive polls and quizzes, live Q&A, group chat, and more.

No matter who you’re trying to reach or what you have to teach them, ON24/ELITE gives you the tools you need to craft an effective and engaging training experience.

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Live Virtual Training

Live Virtual Training Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

The ELITE Webinar Platform is built for engagement.

  • Train any size audience anywhere on the globe in nine different languages
  • Engage audiences with over 20 different interactive options
  • Gain behavioral intelligence on or learners preferences and measure engagement
  • Solicit feedback from your audience with pulse checks, polls, surveys and more

Automate The Accreditation Process

If you offer accreditation as part of your learning activities, ELITE makes the accreditation process easy.

Flexible accreditation criteria including time-viewed and interactions. Test your audience’s retention of knowledge with our Testing widget. Allow your audience to instantly access accreditation certificates upon completion

Allow your audience to pull credit history easily with The Streaming Network’s CE Central App.

Automate The Accreditation Process

26% of learners say conventional learning management system usability is their biggest challenge.

The Streaming Network VLE integrates easily into corporate LMS systems providing the engaging front end you have been looking for.

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