The ELITE Webinar Platform

The ON24 Platform plus our team of professionals is the ELITE Product Offering

Webinar Engagement Generates Leads and Closes Deals

The ON24 Platform combined with our 10 years of Webinar and Webcast experience will ensure your success.


Deliver PowerPoint, post video, screen share events, and integrate YouTube clips into your presentation to increase audience engagement.

Get their opinion

With multiple polling formats, surveys and feedback forms, ELITE lets you capture real time information about your audience during your webinar.

Give your audience a voice

With Q&A, Chat and Idea-Storming widgets, you can give your audience the choice of how to interact with you during your webinar.

Create custom CTA’s

Provide downloadable white papers, case studies or drive your audience to websites and other calls to action.

Social Integration

Integrate social feeds, allow your audience to share your event socially or let them connect with your speakers in real time via social channels.

Measure audience retention

Use the Quiz and Accreditation widgets to ensure your audience has retained the content you have presented.

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One Unified Platform
Endless Options

ELITE is more than a webinar platform. It is the only platform you will ever need for virtual events.


Present live by phone with PowerPoint or via webcam


Deliver broadcast quality video with our broadcast option


Upload media or record on-demand event


Take any content you have in ELITE and create a simulated live event experience

24 Category Data

Welcome to the World of Actionable Information

We track everything your audience does and provide it back to you in an intuitive dashboard, which helps determine which webinar attendees are the most sales-ready. With over 24 categories of data on every attendee you will be able to track attention, engagement and all calls to action they responded to while attending your webinar.

Your Brand Front and Centre

The ELITE Webinar Platform is designed for the enterprise with tools and customizations that allow you to put your brand first and customize every aspect of your audience’s experience.
  • Customize look and feel to match your brand or webinar campaign
  • Build your own registration form to collect the data you want
  • Elite’s responsive design allows for easy registration on any device
  • Define your own confirmation and reminder messaging to ensure registrants convert to viewers

No Plugins Required


Your webinar attendees will be able to access the platform anytime, anywhere and on any device without the need for annoying downloads, plugins or apps. Customers who make the switch from using meeting tools such as WebEx or GoToMeeting experience an uptake in viewership without changing any aspect of their webinar program.


Watch: Beat The Clock Challenge with Demand Metric and Matthew Ley

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Watch the Beat The Clock Challenge ON24/ELITE Webinar Instantly:
  • Learn about where to get started when planning a webinar program
  • Understand primary techniques to ensure registrants convert to viewers
  • Gain actionable insights to create a promotional schedule and drive registration
  • Experience the ON24/ELITE Webinar Platform
Take Your Event Online

Take Your Event Online And Increase Engagement Opportunities

It makes sense to make it easy for your audience. 93% of those who attend the webcast or webinar version of live events would not have attended in person.

  • Annual Meetings and Conferences
  • Customer Events and Seminars
  • Town Hall Meetings and CEO Addresses
  • Product Launches and Public Relation Events

Professional Webinar Management

The Streaming Network employs the largest staff of onsite webcast professionals in the country. With over 10 years of experience and better than 15,000 webcasts under their belt they will ensure the success of your next event.

  • Pre-event venue certification and site survey
  • Onsite webcast technical management
  • Production support including camera and AV requirements
Automated archiving and hosting

Automated Archiving and Hosting


At the end of every webinar, the entire event is ready for viewing on the same URL used for the live event automatically! Gone are those days you had to export your webinar archives, encode them and then upload them to your website. The archive version of your webinar will maintain all the interactive features you used in the live event and continue to keep your audience engaged as long as you see fit.

An Enhanced User Experience


The Streaming Network lets you put your brand forward as you go custom crazy in creating your webinar experience! With ELITE’s patented user driven experience, your audience can decide how they consume your content and, for the first time, actually interact with your webinar, rather than just sitting back, listening and eventually tuning out.

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