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Continuing Education (CE) Programs are a powerful way to connect to your customers and audiences.

Planning and Launching Your CE Program

More than a one off webinar, learn how to build a CE webinar program.

“This always-on resource has received praise from advisors and both enhanced and streamlined our CE Program”

–Lynn Kahrkling. Senior Manager, Strategic Business Initiatives, BMO Global Asset Management

The True All-In-One Platform

Demand is on the rise for virtual event management platforms that can include rich media, interactivity, CE management, content hosting and 24/7 reporting on all aspects of activity.

 However, the global web-events landscape is complex, fragmented, and crowded. Feature overlap between various web meeting, webinar, and on-line video publishing tools creates confusion for corporate buyers. The ELITE/ ON24 is the global leader in the pure-play webcast market and has been very disciplined in meeting the needs of content marketers and CE trainers.

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Struggling To Manage Your Company's Continuing Education Needs?

Find out how BMO cut admin costs while improving their CE program with The Streaming Network’s CE Central App.
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CE Programs Are In Demand

Professionals in every industry understand the benefit of continuing education and CE Central gives you the opportunity to provide more accredited content to your workforce.

CE Central is a website created to offer comprehensive CE programs tailored to your industry. The CE Central website is a one-stop on-line portal that can be continuously updated with content. Users can simply log-in and view CE webcasts or receive CE certificates for live events they have attended. All powered by two key components -TSN’s CE Central and the ON 24 webcast platform.

Free Up Your Resources With Self-Serve Inquiries

Let’s face it, internal resources can be expensive when tied up in routine tasks.

The solution centralizes CE management into one interface that allows for aggregated search across events, venue-based, or virtual. Most importantly for BMO, it empowers advisors to self-serve most routine inquiries and not tie up internal resources. The CE tracker can be accessed right in the CE Central and it powered by a robust data feed from ON24. Aggregated reports show the content marketing team what content is being consumed the most and of course, month over month activity and total credits issued.

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Built to Deliver World Class Webcast Events

The Streaming Network Studio is the perfect place to broadcast your next webcast event. Professional equipment and a skilled production will ensure the success of your events.

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Watch: Continuing Education Webinars: A winning strategy for Financial Services

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Watch the Continuing Education Webinars: A Winning Strategy for Financial Services ON24/ELITE Webinar Instantly:
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  • Use webinars throughout the consideration and decision-making phases of the customer journey
  • Gain actionable insights into current webinar marketing trends and how to create evergreen on-demand content
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