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Upon booking your event webcast with SN you will be assigned a Project Manager who will work with you from Consultation to Execution and will become your primary point of contact.  The PM’s role is to provide for you the level of support required for a successful event.

Virtual Event Management

VEM is a process by which events are supported remotely through virtual meetings and remote support.  The complete SN VEM program will provide you with a number of check points and educational sessions to assist you and your speakers deliver a professional event

SN’s team of Project Managers will be available pre and post event to educate speakers and assist in managing the event.  Your PM will be your primary point of contact from Consult to event execution inclusive of many check points including:

  • Speaker Training and Orientation
  • Pre-event go live check list
  • Live event support
  • Post event wrap up and custom reporting

Onsite Event Management

Onsite PM Support is often requested if not required for live video webcast events. The importance of the communication dictates that your resources are focused on the event proceedings, the people in the room and most of all . . . the message.  The PM will then be onsite to add assistance and manage the Webcast portion of your communication.

  • Managing elements of production under SN’ supervision i.e. camera crew, lighting
  • Providing any last minute instructions and or information to speakers regarding the webcast
  • Managing Communication with SN Network Operations Center
  • Managing Q&A, Slides or any other piece of broadcast that you require

Event those managing their own events through the SN Webcast Center can take advantage of Professional Services

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