• Internal Messaging
  • Repurposing of existing digital assets such as video or audio files
  • Learning and Development
  • Targeted Client Presentations

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The growth in webcasting year over year has been driven primarily by the simple fact that more and more companies are looking to the medium as a core part of their communications strategy.  To assist companies in making this step or to allow for early adopters of the technology to use more frequently, SN has developed the SN Webcast Center.  This easy to use web based tool will enable you to provision and manage basic webcast events. 

This model has been used in the webcasting for the past few years with little end user adoption.  The main fall back of most self serve applications is their complexity and the lack of professionalism in the final product.  SN has aimed to correct these shortfalls with the SN Webcast Center and with our suite of Professional Services offerings have layered in the support you need to manage your own events.

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