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One of the core advantages of Event Webcasting over other forms of communication is that each webcast is archived and hosted for on-demand viewing the day the event occurs. This allows for all those who could not attend the live event to easily access the content by returning to the event URL to view the archive. In certain cases, where there is no live event and the information being communicated is not late breaking or timed to any one occurrence, an archive-only Event Webcast will be used.

The Archived Event Webcast provides you with an added level of control over the message that is being communicated to the audience, and is often a scripted and edited production. We like to think of the Archived Event Webcast as your “corporate commercial or online television program”. Once again, a team of professionals will assist you in developing your webcast and broadcasting it to your desired audience:

Event Manager:
Consults on the project and manages internal SN resources. The event manager is your primary point of contact

Dedicated Webcast Producer:
Manages the event from the Network Operations Center or onsite using a Portable Web Cast studio

Audio Video Technicians:
Work with the onsite personnel to ensure the signal leaving your auditorium or boardroom is of the highest quality

Although the Archived Event Webcast has no live elements, SN can broadcast the event at a scheduled date and time, so that the excitement of a specific launch date or original broadcast can be promoted to your audience.

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Archive Rebroadcast:

This new option allows for you to pre-record and produce your event as though it were an archived webcast but promote it for launch at a specific day and time, just like a live event. SN will broadcast the message as though it were live, allowing you to promote it as though it is a live event to stimulate attendance when the archive is made “Live”. Often this will be used in conjunction with a conference call and/or roll over to a live webcast to handle Questions and Answers from the presentation.

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