January 2008

Frank Cianciulli, Chairman & CEO was selected to appear on CEO TV's 'Excellent Entrepreneurs' series. A production of Chandran Media, CEO TV spotlights the people, the companies, and the issues behind North America's corporate businesses.

As a top 40 under 40 award recipient, Frank Cianciulli believes whole heartedly in giving back to the community. Competing against myriads of diverse organizations, Frank knows his success truly depends on the vision created, and the commitment to achieve it.

Frank is passionate by nature and it is his passion that connects him to his community. Having attended York University, Frank works closely with the Schulich School of Business, one of the world's leading business schools. Frank leverages employees with a goal to build them up to be the next CEO's.

Frank stands behind the old saying 'you reep what you sow". He works closely trying to develop young CEOs within organizations and exposing them to their greatest potential. Frank's success proves his dedication and love for watching a business accelerate. His insatiable desire to succeed coupled with his philanthropic attitude, is an ideal role model for aspiring business people.

Click below to hear Frank speak about risk, success, dedication and executive advice.

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