The Streaming Network is an enhanced communications provider offering Event Level Webcast services, Video Streaming and IP video conferencing services. Founded in 2006 by Frank Cianciulli, former CEO and founder of Enunciate Conferencing, The Streaming Network (SN) serves Corporate Clients across North America.

The history of The Streaming Network began in January 2006. While at Enunciate Conferencing, then Web Services Specialist Matthew Ley began research into the North American streaming market and projections for the growth of that Market. With the guidance of Frank, who has successfully launched multiple successful companies in the past, Matthew developed a business plan for SN. This business plan focused on the lack of sales, marketing and support the corporate client was receiving from the current
webcasting providers. A business plan driven by solid technology and a dedication to enhanced support and consultation the streaming network officially launched in late 2006.

In 2007 SN rounded out their service suite with a dedicated QOS IP Video Conferencing network, video services and a partnership with Polycom to provide video conferencing hardware. The business plan and dedication by the sales and support team saw SN grow from 0 to 1 million in sales in less than 12 months while building an impressive roster of high profile clients and strategic partners.

In 2008 SN launched SN Webcast Center a tool for self provisioning of webcast events and has since explored the User Generated Content market including social networking for the enterprise. Since the Webcasting and IP video conferencing space has no one provider who stands out from the crowd as the industry standard SN aims to become that standard and is currently working to accomplish this monumental task one successful project at a time.

In September 2009 SN was named #4 on the annual Profit Hot 50 rankings:

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